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At Faris Jewels, we offer a dazzling collection of gemstone jewelry that tells stories of far-off lands and deep love. Our rings, necklaces, earrings, and anklets are more than just accessories; they are pieces of art, each one crafted with the utmost care. When you wear our jewelry, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re wearing a piece of our founder’s dream.  

Ther Story of Farris Jewels 

It Was Journey of a Mother Who Dreamed of Showing the World Her Amazing Creativity 

In the bustling city of Manchester, a single mother’s deep love for gemstones and design sparked a journey that would lead to the creation of Faris Jewels. Her path wasn’t easy, but her determination and love for her children fueled her every step. She dreamed of a world where her creativity could flourish, providing for her family and being a constant source of love and inspiration. 

So, She Worked Days and Nights to Make It Happen.  

Farris Jewels- A Tale of a Successful Woman Entrepeneur 

What started as a dream in her cozy home grew into the vibrant reality of Faris Jewels. Each gemstone was chosen with care, each design crafted with love. She faced long nights and many challenges, but her spirit never wavered. Faris Jewels became her legacy, a symbol of hope and passion made real.

Our Commitment  

Our commitment at Faris Jewels is in every part of our service, ensuring that you feel valued and understood with every interaction. We strive to make your experience joyful and seamless, knowing that finding the perfect piece of jewelry is a special moment. 

Each gemstone at Faris Jewels is chosen with care, reflecting the founder’s deep love for the earth’s hidden beauties. We seek out stones that tell stories of love, strength, and adventure—qualities that mirror the journey of our founder and the essence of our brand. 

Jewelry for Every Chapter of Your Story 

Faris Jewels is here to be a part of your life’s journey, offering a range of styles to suit every moment. Whether it’s a celebration, a milestone, or a quiet day, our jewelry is crafted to be with you, enhancing your individuality and adding a touch of elegance to every occasion. 

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Our Unwavering Customer Care 

At Faris Jewels, we’re more than just a brand; we’re your friend and confidant. Our customer care team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, ready to help with any questions or needs. We’re here to make your Faris Jewels experience as radiant as the jewelry we craft. 


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